Elson Mathew

Elson Mathew


Elson Mathew is an aspiring software engineer. He graduated in 2014 with his Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology from Emory University and began his journey into software engineering in the fall of 2016. Elson Mathew has held jobs in retail, technology, science, and public service. Elson is currently employed with American Medical Response as an Emergency Medical Technician while in pursuit of his passion to be a fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer. Elson's goal is to mix his passion for web development with his fascination for medicine. In the meantime, he hopes to publish a webdev and medicine blog.

Code Snippets

Temperature Conversion

In this program, the user will be prompted for a tempurature in degrees Celsius, and the program will convert the input into degrees Fahrenheit.

puts "Enter degrees in Celsius to convert into Fahrenheit"
      celsius = gets.to_f 
      def conversion (degrees_celsius) 
      final_conversion = (degrees_celsius * 1.8) +32 
      return final_conversion 

      puts "#{celsius} degrees Celsius is #{conversion(celsius)} in Fahrenheit." 

def append_ordinal_suffix(num)
  right_most_digit = num % 10
  case right_most_digit
  when 1  
    puts "#{num}st"
  when 2
    puts "#{num}nd"
  when 3
    puts "#{num}rd"
    puts "#{num}th"

def over_one_hundred(hundedths_digit) 
  right_most_digit_over_hundred = hundedths_digit % 100
  if right_most_digit_over_hundred > 10 && right_most_digit_over_hundred < 15
    puts "#{hundedths_digit}th"

puts "Please enter a number." 
user_input = gets.to_i 

if user_input > 100 
elsif user_input <=10 || user_input > 14 
elsif user_input >=11 && user_input <= 14 
  puts "#{user_input}th" 

Ordinal Challenge

In this program, Ruby will convert a plain number to the number with the respective ordinal. For example, Ruby will convert the input of 2 into 2nd, if the user enters 3, it will display 3rd, etc.

FooBar Challenge

This Ruby program is an adaptation of a classic technical interview problem which displays sequences of the FooBar pattern.

puts "How many items do you want to see?"
num_of_elements = gets.to_i
array = []
num_of_elements.times do |index|
  value = index + 1
  if value % 3 == 0 && value % 5 == 0
   value = "FooBar"
    puts value
  elsif value % 3 == 0
   value = "Foo"
    puts value
  elsif value % 5 == 0 
   value = "Bar"
    puts value
    puts value

My Web Applications

Motivational Qoute Generator


A database-powered quote generator with a mobile-first design, using the Ruby on Rails framework, HTML, and CSS. Uses Git and GitHub for version control and launched on Heroku.

Restaurant Review Application


A restaurant review application, much like Yelp, that integrates with the Google Maps API and includes features like user login, user comments, star ratings, image uploading, and user authentication. Powered by the Ruby on Rails framework and launched on Heroku

Dynamic Learning Platform


An intuitive, two-sided video-streaming marketplace platform that features credit card payment capabilities, user role management, complex user interfaces, intricate user authentications and validations, and advanced database relationships.

Photo Sharing Social Media Site


A mobile first, photo-sharing app created on the Rails framework primarily through Test Driven Development (TDD) following numerous red/green/refactor cycles. Grammables was built with you in mind, so please feel free to add and update from all your travel adventures.

Skills & Tools

Elson Mathew has developed proficiency and expertise in the following programming languages and comfort with the following tools.


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